Today’s Gaming World

Do you own a gaming console? Well if not, you’re truly one in a billion! With today’s day and age, almost every household in America owns at least one gaming console! Now, you may wonder “Well, I want to fit in, which one should I get”? Most people are thinking… Xbox One? PlayStation 4? Ehh… Did you know that those aren’t even close to the hottest on the market!? Leading the list in the old school, PlayStation 2! Selling close to 155 million units! PlayStation 2 units stopped selling in 2012 due to fiscal reports, so they are rare to come by now. But why go old school when you can go new school? I just wish there were more gaming console skins!

Xbox One

With Microsofts big release of the Xbox in 2001, they have only advanced in technology. Now having the Xbox One, which falls behind Sony with only 15 million sales! White or Black, you can get these bad boys with their 4k display, Ultra HD Blu-Ray, and now up to 1TB of memory! Plus many more amazing features… Or if you’re not basic, you can always grab some of the hottest Xbox One skins on the market! With a variety of skins, your Xbox can be a true original in town! Xbox One skins provide cover so you don’t notice any of the wear and tear on your console, especially for those gamers who just love to toss their controller after an intense round in Call of Duty! Released in August 2016, Xbox updated with what we call the Xbox One S aka the Xbox One Slim. If you’re still a skin guy/girl, then be sure the Xbox One skins you’re getting are for the S!

PlayStation 4

Sony is leading the board, not only with the PlayStation 2, but PlayStation 4 as well! Murdering Microsoft’s Xbox One with a total of 53.4 million units sold!  Now, PlayStation 4 is only released in one color, black. So if you’re not a fan, then PlayStation 4 skins will be your friend! Also featuring a Blu-Ray player, 4k display, and as well a 1TB memory. The biggest difference, is the PlayStation network to play online is completely free! Compared to Xbox with a $60 a year membership. But then again, when you’re selling 50 million more units, who needs the $60? PlayStation 4 skins are featured on almost every gaming website, some cheaper than others, especially when its different gaming console skins!

So, when it comes down to it, which unit should you get? Well, the decision is equal. Both provide the same display, same features, the only difference is price! Oh wait… Xbox One is only $250 compared to PlayStation 4 at $299! So at the end of the day, it’s up to you. Just make sure if you go PlayStation 4, to buy some PlayStation 4 skins so you don’t look so plain with that all black look! Although, black sometimes does look pretty decent on a new sleek designed console! Gaming console skins are available for every device!